Newsletter September 2008:

Presentation of the EMR Catalogue at

Newsletter December 2007:

A new High-Performance CNC Turning Lathe and a new Swiss Type Automatic Lathe at EMR

We could extend our production potential for you by the purchase of a new high-performance CNC turning lathe and a new Swiss type automatic lathe. Some technical data regarding the CNC turning lathe:
• Swing over bed: 710 mm
• Swing over carriage: 506 mm
• Turning diameter in the Gap: 890 mm
• Distance between centers: 2050 mm
• Max. spindle capacity: 23 kW

Some technical data regarding the Swiss type automatic lathe:
• Max. bar diameter: 20 mm
• Manufacturing length: 165 mm
• With the option: long turning parts up to 500 mm
• Machine is suitable for the heavy roughing.
As from now, you can also ask for components in this dimension. We truly hope that our increase in capacity will be of benefit for you, too.

We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries.