As a recent and flexible enterprise in the chipping industry we are highly motivated to offer to you a comprehensive variety of precision parts more than usual. Therefore, we extended our potential, by specializing in the manufacturing of HPLC hardware. We produce all types of HPLC columns (microbore, analytic, semi-preparative, preparative) and naturally, their accessories.

The semi-finished products are subject to strict quality controls, which begin with the goods inwards inspection and come to an end as final products with the outgoing goods inspection. We obtain the high-grade steel pipes from reputable tubing manufacturers who specialized within this area. The internal diameter range of all high-grade steel pipes are drawn-polished or electropolished and features for analytics the very important surface roughness of smaller Ra = 0.35 µm.

Regarding precision and refinement our HPLC products meet absolutely the requirements of the chemical industry. That means for you:

If you are looking for high-quality HPLC hardware, then you have come to just the right place!