Since our formation in 2000 we are a first-class system supplier in the metalworking industry within the range of precision technology. As a recent enterprise, we manufacture customised and fastidious metal components of all kinds, which corresponds exactly to the requirements and desires of our customers in form, size and material. Apart from our core competency as a supplier of the chipping industry manufacturing precision parts in turning and milling we also have specialized within the production of HPLC hardware and are pleased to offer our customers a comprehensive range of products.

We are equipped with a modern CNC center in order to meet your requirements. Currently 20 employees are employed in our company and we are constantly growing. Our team consists of highly-qualified, motivated and experienced specialists of the chipping industry. Organizations throughout Europe form our clientele.

We already manufactured for the following industrial sectors: Electrical industry, automobile industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, precision optics and research institutes.